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Small Animal Trap 2 trap set BOGO!

Small Animal Trap 2 trap set BOGO!

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Small Animal Trap

  • Package Content: the foldable rat trap set includes 2 large rat traps; Whether it's a residential or commercial setting, these pieces provide the necessary tools for successful trapping; Note that it does not kill or injure the captured animals, it just traps and locks them in, waiting for your further processing of the captured prey in your Small Animal Trap
  • Large Size: the humane rat traps catch and release boast a generous size of about 12 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches/ 30 x 14 x 14 cm, allowing you to catch even large rats; This sizable feature will give you the upper hand in combating the rampant rat problem, enabling effective control of the rodent infestation threatening your premises; For easy storage, these traps are foldable 
  • Quality Material: made of sturdy metal, these humane rat traps promise a long lasting solution to your rat issues; The robust metal construction ensures the traps' sturdiness, handle the strain of catching rats, and withstand weather conditions with Small Animal Trap
  • Easy to Assemble and Use: the live traps for mice and rats are very user friendly with a design that eases assembly; You only need to stand up the cage and fix it with iron wires or nylon cable ties before it can be put into use; During use, you only need to lift the door and put the bait on the pedal; Once the animal enters the cage, bites the bait and the equipment will be activated; The door locks instantly and locks the critter inside the Small Animal Trap.
  • Multifunctional Application: these Small Animal Trap are adaptable, implying a wider scope of application; Whether it is your home, garden, kitchen, garage, terrace, patio, warehouse, office, or other place infested with rats, these traps will do a good job; These traps will serve most environments, providing a versatile tool in dealing with different levels of infestation
  • Small Animal Trap
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