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Photography lights Lighting System for video and photography, two lights, stands and accessories 50% off!

Photography lights Lighting System for video and photography, two lights, stands and accessories 50% off!

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Fovitec Portable 600 LED Bi-Color Studio Panel photography lights with Barn Doors, 36W, 95+ CRI, 3200-5600K Color Temperature for Video and Photography - Includes DMX, V-Lock Mount, and Case

  • 600 light-emitting diodes (LEDs) provide steady lighting without flickers at 5,600 kelvins (K) to help amateur and professional photographers and videographers create quality results
  • LED light panel creates quality lighting for videography, product photography, Twitch streaming, Instagram influencing, interviews, green screening and a wide range of other projects
  • Gain complete control over the scene's brightness and temperature via the LED video light's step-less adjustment knob and filter options ranging from tungsten to daylight
  • Take advantage of DMX compatibility for permanent studio fixtures or the V-lock battery mount and included travel carrying case for shoots on location
  • Color rendering index (CRI) of over 95, 45-degree wide-beam angle and 2,400 lux at 1 meter provide accurate tones
  • Brand New photography lights
  • Ships UPS Ground 
  • Watch video on photography lights here:

photography lights

If you're looking to add professional lighting to a photo or video shoot, the Fovitec ultra-bright LED photography lights light panel kit can help take your footage to the next level. It has a wide range of features for customization and ease of use. Many different creatives use light panels in their work, from streaming and product photography to green screening and portraits. Use them as continuous photography lighting or a video light panel and take advantage of the superior quality these barn door lights offer.

This LED panel photography lights for photography is powerful and precise, delivering over 2,400 lux at 1 meter away and a CRI of over 95. That means colors appear accurate and natural when light hits your subject. Plus, the cool temperature provides a versatile daylight color for many types of shoots.

This Bi-Color LED panel comes with a range of settings to help you set the scene as the shoot demands. The studio light's barn doors allow you to control the light spill, while a built-in diffusion tray offers further modification through filters, such as the opaque or amber filters included with the kit. You can use them to reduce harsh shadows or create a warmer light than the 5,600 K provided. In addition to hardware, the 600 LED light panel is controlled via a digital display and step-less adjustment for smooth dimming functionality.

Use the Fovitec photography lights light panel as a portable light for on-location shoots or studio light with barn doors. It can be mounted in many different configurations and features a 360-degree yoke and 5/8-inch receiver. Connect a V-mount battery (sold separately) for on-the-go lighting, or link the light to a DMX board for comprehensive setups and unified controls.


Rechargeable Lithium Ion V-Mount Battery


  • Retains charge on standby for several months
  • Fits on all V-Lock compatible products and Fovitec 600/900/1200 series LED light panels
  • Provides up to 6 hours and 40 minutes of 5600k, 6 hours and 40 minutes of 4300K, and 7 hours of 3200K lighting at full power on the SP11-020-600 LED light panel


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